Out of Zone Enrolments

Our Out of Zone Enrolments are currently closed. If you would like to be added to our Interested parties list, please email Alina. 

Please see below for some FAQ's around Out of Zone enrolments:

When do you accept out of zone enrolments?

We usually have 2 out of zone enrolment ballot periods in each school year. These are for Term 1 & Term 3 starts and typically we will give notice of the ballot period towards the end of Term 2 (April/May for enrolments for Term 3 in the same academic year) and Term 3 (September/October, for enrolments for Term 1 in the following year). 

How can we hear when out of zone enrolments open?

We will notify the community through the local newspaper and via our school communications. We also email those parents and caregivers who are on our interested parties list. If you would like to be added to this list, please email Alina. 

Will there be spaces in my child's year group?

Sometimes we only have capacity in certain year groups of our school. For example, we may have capacity for out of zone students in all years, but on occasion there are years where unfortunately, we do not have the space. This can change between each ballot. For example, in our last intake (for Term 1,2023), we had capacity at all year levels, with the exception of Year 6/7.

What does the ballot process entail?

Once the ballot process is open, you will need to contact our Enrolments Officer and provide the following details: