Our uniform is compulsory for all students and has been designed to have flexibility. No items are gender specific and all uniform items can be mixed and matched. 

Here are a few examples:

Shoes and outer jackets

Shoes and outer jackets are the student's own choice. Please note that students will need to wear suitable shoes for PE and daily fitness. We recommend parents choose shoes that are both practical, comfortable and closed-toe.

Uniforms can be tried on in the school office. All items (with the exception of sun hats) can be ordered online.


These must be worn in Term 1 & 4. RPS sun hats can be purchased from the school office. 


Is school uniform compulsory?


Yes, all students must wear the RPS school uniform with sunhats required to be worn during Terms 1 and 4.

Can children wear their P.E. uniform as part of the regular school uniform options? 

Yes, children can wear their P.E uniform on a daily basis. 

Can children wear thermals/polyprops underneath their uniform?

Plain black thermals and polyprops can be worn under the RPS school uniform.

Can the uniform be bought from anywhere other than NZ Uniforms? 

Many of the Queenstown Op Shops stock second hand RPS uniforms so it is worth heading to shops like the Salvation Army on Gorge Road. The RPA often holds second hand uniform sales.

What shoes can my child wear?

Shoes that are suitable for PE and daily fitness activities. We recommend parents choose shoes that are both practical and comfortable as well as being closed-toe.

Can children wear hoodies and fleeces?

We prefer that Year 5-8 students only wear the hoodies (either full zip or hoodie only), to give them a point of difference within the school. 

The available sizes are: Youth Medium through to Adult Medium Year 1-8 students are able to wear the half zip fleece (sizes available: 4, 6, 8 and 10). 

What does my child wear if they are representing RPS at any school sporting events? 

Your child needs to wear the school sports top and sport shorts or sports skirt. If a jumper is to be worn, it must be an RPS Hoodie or RPS Polar Fleece. Only the CCC Track Pants may be worn when representing the school. 

What is the cost of the school uniform? 

The items are all competitively priced, please refer to NZ Uniforms for details. Our RPA usually holds a second-hand uniform shop prior to Term 1, keep an eye on our newsletters and social media for information around these. Many of the local op-shops sometimes have school uniforms in stock. 

How much will it cost me to get the basic items?

Does the freight cost change with the number of items purchased? 

No. Regardless of how many items are purchased, the freight will remain the same at $5. 

Can we try before we buy? 

Yes, the school office has a complete set of styles and sizes to try on. 

I don’t have a credit card. How do I purchase the uniform? 

If you don’t have a credit card or prefer not to use it online, you can contact NZ Uniforms at customerservices@nzuniforms.com or FreePhone: 0800 698 643 with your order so they can provide bank details for direct payment. NZ Uniforms have a shop in Dunedin where ‘walk in’ sales for our uniform are welcome. 

How long for delivery?

It takes up to 5 working days to be delivered. 

What size range is available? 

Sizes range from 4 through to 16 & S to YXL.

What will happen if my child does not wear the uniform? 

If the Uniform requirements are not being adhered to we will contact parents & caregivers to ascertain why this is happening and then take the appropriate steps.