The MOE provides a School Bus service for families living in and around the following areas: Lake Hayes Estate, Quail Rise, Tucker Beach, Kelvin Heights, Jacks Point, Hanleys Farm and Lakeside Estate. These routes may change with a term’s notice provided by the MOE.  Only students living in these areas can use the service. 

Please see the Bus Timetable below and the Bus Code of Conduct that is expected of all students using the School Bus service.    

If you have any questions regarding the school's bus services, please contact Louise.

2024 Bus Timetable

Bus Timetable 2024

Bus Code of Conduct

The following bus behaviour is expected by all students travelling on any of the ‘Go Bus’ School Buses.

When students are travelling on a school bus they are asked to:

- Find a seat quickly and sit quietly and respectfully (e.g. not putting their feet on the seat) I will remain in my seat for the whole journey

- Put their school bag on the floor or on their knees

- Wear a seatbelt, if available

- Stay in their seat while the school bus is moving

- Walk quietly from the bus when disembarking, ensuring they look out for any traffic if crossing the road

- Use a quiet and respectful voice when talking on the bus

- Abide by the RPS Cyber Safety and School Values while travelling on the bus

Students travelling on the bus will not:

- Throw anything out the bus windows

- Eat or drink on the school bus

- Distract the driver while the bus is moving

- Play music without the bus drivers permission

- Damage or deface the property of others, or that of the bus

- Be disruptive, rude or annoying to other student passengers on the bus

If any of the above expectations are not followed by the student/students travelling on the school bus, the following procedures will be undertaken:

- The bus driver will provide the student/students with a warning

- The bus driver may ask the Bus monitor to monitor the behaviour within the bus and then:

- The bus driver may ask the student/students to move to different seats for the duration of their journey

- The bus driver and/or Go Bus will provide information to the school outlining their concerns; a Bus Monitor (or fellow

  passenger) may also express concerns to the school

- The school will then work with the student/students and respective families on the issue(s) raised and potential consequences;

  these could include being stood down from the bus for a period of time. The outcome of the discussion with the students

  would be reported back to ‘Go Bus’

- The Bus Company has the right to stand down a student for a set period of the time or exclude a student indefinitely from

  travelling on the bus due to their poor behaviour and conduct while travelling on the bus. This will be informed through the

  school and the school will inform the student and their family.

- That any damage caused to the bus will result in my caregiver being billed for the cost of repairs

It is Parents/Caregivers responsibility to get their children to pick-up locations and to collect them from drop-off locations.

It is recommended students arrive at the bus stop locations at least 5 minutes prior to the time advised by the bus provider.

Parents/Caregivers should stay with their children while they are waiting for their school transport in the morning and meet them in the afternoon as they get off the bus.

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